Reducing frivolity.

Do you ever wish you had more time to focus on the things in life that bring you joy? We face a daily abundance of news, trends, etc. in our constantly changing world. No two days are identical and the intricacies and details of our experiences are never truly duplicated. How do we avoid mentally drowning amid this ongoing flood of information? The human mind can only process so much. It is completely illogical to try and keep up with 4,264 facebook friends, follow 1,245 people on twitter, and subscribe to countless rss feeds. Perhaps an overstatement, but it is true for all to a certain degree, given this "constantly connected" age we live in. And you can count it a rarity to find a spot on planet earth where one can't find a wifi signal. Despite the vast amount of positive aspects of the internet, it is contending with, and perhaps, has already conquered television for the title of "The Great Life Waster." From a Christian worldview, I do my best to assess the eternal weight of my daily interactions. Certainly there is liberty in the Christian life, but we can and do take that liberty for granted. Although the voice of God is more accessible today that it ever has been, (through bible apps, web sites, and the like), it is far easier to get distracted from devotion to the Lord. I know. It is an ongoing struggle in my life, but it is worth struggling with. As C.T. Studd said, "Only one life, 'twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last." That sentence is overflowing at the brim with eternal truth! What makes our lives matter? Is it determined by our monetary acquirement over the span of our lifetimes, or perhaps by the number of friends we gain? Neither. John Piper has exclaimed, "Indeed, what could be more ludicrous in a vast and glorious universe like this than a human being, on the speck called earth, standing in front of a mirror trying to find significance in his own self image?"1 While standing before the throne of God in retrospect, the value of our lives will be measured by the ways we poured ourselves out for the Gospel. However, works don't justify, only Christ does. Has the daily onslaught of media and hectic schedules thrown you for a loop in your walk with the Lord? Would you pursue the diminishing of trivialities in your life in order to seek after Christ with more zeal? It will be a lifelong fight, but Christ is worth it. So I urge you, regardless of how close you walk with the Lord, analyze your daily life that you might "Redeem the time"2 and walk even closer. Life is not about you or I, it is about Jesus, and there is much joy to be had at the foot of His cross amidst a life of reckless abandon to Him. Don't waste your life.

1Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ pg.15, 2Ephesians 5:16

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